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Frequently asked technology questions by listeners of Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

Q: I love my analog Sony TV. I am in no hurry to buy a new HDTV, but want to receive the digital signals. Where can I get an adapter to hook to my outdoor antenna to receive the signals. I do not have cable or satellite dish. I'm not concerned with aspect ratio or extra features or the signal, I'm just interesting in receiving the basic digital signal.
A: I wouldn't buy any converters yet. Currently they're pretty expensive, and it's rare to truly need one yet. That will change, however, next year if they FCC keeps their promises. Wait 'til then and the prices should be down well below $50. That'll save you well more than $100...

Q: Is Tech Talk With Craig Peterson available for online download, or podcast?
A: Soitenly!! Just go to our home page and look in the upper right corner or upper left corner -- You'll see the "RSS" logo. You can just click on the RSS logo and drag it over to your iTunes drop zone and Voila! The mellifluous voice of Craig will keep you apprised of the latest and greatest technology doings in our increasingly techhie world! Neat, wot?