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Shows - Space the Final Frontier...Will we be able to vacation there? The answer is Yes! If you ask Robert Bigelow and Richard Branson -- they say we will and in the not to distant future. We will talk SpaceShip One, Virgin Galactic, Global Flyer, 5 Billion Star hotels and Weather -- is it true that if you don't like the weather in New England just wait 5 minutes -- What technology do they use to predict our weather and how does that help you and me.

     August 8, 2009 - This is Part Two with more interviews on the Technology of Energy and the innovative solutions that our US Companies are developing.

     August 1, 2009 - On today;s show we will be discussing boating and boating technology

     July 25, 2009 - Today we are focusing on the technology of energy and the real world solutions that well advance the production of energy now and into the future.

     July 18, 2009 - Today we will cover books that you can read on vacation to help improve your business or just for fun.

     Recent Shows - Older show summaries

          2009 Shows

          2008 Shows

               2008/1/12 - Craig talks with CES Award Winners about the Technology that you will see this year!

               2008/1/19 - The Detroit International Auto Show is underway and we are going to bring you up to date on what new technologies are being showcased there.

                    2008/1/26 - Its Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Tech Talk as we discuss the Extreme Makeover Build in Manchester that resulted in a new home for the Voisine Family whose home was ravaged by the flood of 2007.

                    2008/03/29 - From your local computer hard disk through solid-state USB fobs and terabytes online disk storage, what are the options for home users and businesses for storing and backing up their documents, photos, music and videos online? What are some of the pros and cons to using the Internet to backup your data? Speed, security, recovery?

                         2008/2/2 - More technology that was on display at the Detroit Auto Show.

               2008/03/22 - Global Warming Policy -- Did the Fed's jump the gun and force technology's had before it was ready for prime time? Listen in to find out what REAL Science is proving about Global Warming and why our food prices are going thru the roof.

          2007 Shows

          2006 Shows

               Alternative Energy - 2006/01/08 - Alternative Energy -- Exploding the Myths and Telling the Truth.

               Winter Driving Technology - 2006/01/14 - Winter Driving Technology and how these improvements are keeping us safer as we try to drive through conditions that are less than ideal.

               Technology Award Winners - 2006/01/21 - Today Craig will talk with Award Winning Technology companies. These companies have won awards for innovative technologies that will influence each of our lives.

               2006 Technology Products introduced at CES - 2006/01/28 - Craig continues his interview with CES exhibitors who introduced new technology at the 2006 show and even won some awards.

               New Technology introduced at CES 2006 - 2006/02/04 - More technology from CES... There were 2500 exhibitors at the International Consumer Electronics Show and if you were to visit every booth during the shows hours you could only spend 70 seconds in each one. More of the best in new technology... Only on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson!

               CES 2006 Technology and Reviews - 2006/02/11 - Here is the last of the best of CES 2006 and what technology you can look forward to in the coming year.

               RFID what it means to you - 2006/02/25 - RFID - what is it -- how will it affect you and why you must understand it.

               Spams and Scams - 2006/02/18 - There are so many scams and frauds being perpretrated on us daily that are unbelievably easy to spot but people are still falling for them. We will talk with industry leaders who have technology that will protect us and talk with others about what they are doing to protect you and how you can prepare yourself or your kids in the future and we we talk about the NSA and what they are trying to do.

               RFID what it means to you - 2006/03/04 - RFID -- it is here, it saves you money, it saves you time, can it also be used to spy on you --- listen in to find out!

               2006/04/28 - Keeping Kids Safe Online - Craig speaks with experts on how we can keep our kids safe on line.

               2006/05/06 - Technology and the Energy Crisis - We are in an Energy Crisis --- or are we? Craig will discuss this topic in depth and how Technology is the answer.

               2006/05/13 - Generation-M - Generation-M, the Millenial Generation and the Flux Generation -- who are they and why must we learn about them and how they think. Craig discusses this in-depth with experts -- their findings will suprise you!

               The Technology of Regeneration - 2006/5/20 - Will technology extend our life? What advances are being made? Listen in today and then read the articles here to find out what is going on and Why Craig believes that after talking to our guests that we can stop aging and live till 1000+ years.

               Using Technology to Plan, Take and Enjoy your Summer Vacation - 2006/5/27 - Today Craig will discuss the technology news of the week before interviewing guests on how technology can help you plan, purchase, take and enjoy your vacation.

               Technology of Mobile Entertainment and Content Choices - 2006/06/03 - What's up with your cell phone -- No longer a phone but a complete lifestyle. Phones that have organizers, mp3 players, games, cameras, videos, text messaging and GPS. How we use them and what content is coming for these devices. Craig interviews the movers and shakers in the industry after commenting on the Tech News of the week.

               Summer Activities that employee Technology - 2006/07/15 - Summer Activities that use technology to enhance the experience.

               How is Technology helping to reign in Computer Crime and Increase Security - 2006/07/22 - Today Craig will interview companies who are applying new technology to old problems to help reduce computer crime and increase computer security.

               Productivity Tools for Business - 2006/07/29 - Today we have a short show because in 40 minutes or so the Red Sox take the mound at Fenway. But we have time for one guest and a quick review of the Tech News of the Week.

               Education and Back to School Technology - 2006/08/05 - Today we will be discussing back to school and the Technology that our kids are using, need or will be exposed to, that will enhance their learning environment.

               Live with Tech Talk - 2006/11/11 - A Live in Studio Show where we will answer our listers questions and interview some really interesting guests.

               What you need to know about that New Computer and Operating System you should consider -- 2006/11/18 - This is a short show due to a game -- so listen in and Craig will discuss the Tech News of the Week and you can update your knowledge on what Operating System you should install on that New Computer.

          2005 Shows

               2005/01/01 - It's a new year, and the Holidays are behind us -- Time to talk about all the gifts we received and how to get the most out of them. We'll also look forward to support issues for your computers.

               2005/01/08 - THERE IS NO SHOW THIS WEEK -- Craig Peterson, The Host of our Tech Talk Show will be right in the thick of new and emerging technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2005 in Las Vegas. This show will unveil wearable computers and robotics while also showing startling developments in personal security and transportation. —Join Craig next week as he returns from Las Vegas with a full explanation of what to expect from Technology in 2005 and beyond.

               2005/01/15 - A new year brings new technologies to the consumer market, and what better place to get an advanced look at those new technologies than from the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada! Craig will report from the show, describing new gadgets, toys, and must-have items, as well as interviewing cutting-edge movers and shakers in the world of consumer electronics. If you're a consumer, you won't want to miss this one!

               2005/01/29 - It happens every year, and this year is no exception: Guys want the biggest, bestest, sharpest view on the 'Bowl! Craig will look at big screen TV's, TiVo & other recording mediums, and digital TV tech. You'll want to have some freshly popped popcorn and biddaydah chips ready for this show!

               2005/02/05 - Love is in the air: It's that time again when we show our undying affection and appreciation for the "loves of our lives" -- OK Guys, so what new technology would that "special women" love to make her life easier or relaxing? Gals, how about finding the perfect gift for that special man in your life? (That's easy -- A big screen TV and surround sound for the "Big Game", or maybe a massage chair) Don't fret! Listen in as Craig tells you all about the latest and greatest Tech gifts to get, and where to buy them.

               2005/02/12 - Dating has changed -- On this show Craig will discuss dating and technology and the technology invoved in the Online dating services. He will also discuss ways that technology can help put that "sizzle" back in your love life and for those of you who still have not gotten a gift for your special valentine -- IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! -- where and what to order online that will keep you out of the dog house (or off the couch) Monday. (Valentine's day!!)

               2005/02/19 - Chances are you've been using Microsoft Windows for years on your desktop computer, so why would you want to try out Linux? For lots of reasons, Today will discuss just a few...

               2005/03/05 - Robots -- For most people that name evokes images of idealized Hollywood props: Human-looking machines, incredibly intelligent, unbelievably strong, frequently indistinguishable from real people, and just as often, plotting to eliminate humanity.

But the reality is even more exciting than fiction: Robots were once just a fantasy, a pipe dream, but they're definitely in their infancy right now, and getting more mature every year. This year's Granite State Regional US First Competition, held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, was a showcase for the young inventors and engineers who will be shaping the future of robotics, and Craig attended the show to report back on the potential of these robots and the promise of their creators.

               2005/03/19 - Business or Extra Stuff everyone is selling online. This week we will talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know to Sell successfully on line.

               2005/03/26 - This week Craig will be talking with people to specailize in Buying online, safely.

               2005/04/02 - This week Craig will discuss Advertising and Technology and how business can get the most bang for their buck!!

               2005/04/09 - Its up and over, down and under as we discuss the Technology of Amusements. We will have guests that include an Imagineer from Disney, Special effects animator from ReelFX who worked on Lord of the Rings, Spiderman and the Harry Potter Films, a Visual effects director from Curious Pictures and then Six Flags over New England will come on and discuss their Technology in the form of the two new Roller Coasters that are being unvieled at Six Flag over New England this week. So don't miss out -- Listen in for all the fun!!

               2005/04/16 - Since 1982 Millions of People worldwide have been helped by more than 190 biotechnology advancements. Currently there are more than 370 biotech products in clinical trials. Biotechnology is one of the most research intensive industries and We all benefit. Listen in on Saturday to hear about how Biotechnology affects your world as Craig speaks with experts from many fields.

               2005/04/23 - IT's my time -- today there are many "Gadgets that can set you free" and we will discuss many of them during today's show. We have alot of guests and will talk with them about their time saving and portable solutions.

               2005/04/30 - Not feeling yourself today? Maybe someone else is -- Feeling YOU-ish, that is! The more impersonal our society gets, the more critical it is to establish and protect your unique identity. Likewise, the greater the incentive for lowlifes to steal your ID and possibly ruin your reputation (or worse). Legally, your identity is your property, and you have a right (and a duty!) to protect it. But how do you go about protecting something that is, mostly, intangible? This week, Craig confronts this question and talks with industry experts to illuminate the issues, and examine methods for protecting your identity and preventing ID theft.

               2005/05/07 - Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we have a day of interviews with people who have items that any mother would love. Listen in and maybe you can find that gift that would be perfect for your mom.

               2005/05/14 - We have talked about how to keep your computer safe and how to protect your idenity --- but how is the government protecting us? Today we discuss Homeland Security and everything associated with it.

               2005/05/21 - Space the Final Frontier...Will we be able to vacation there? The answer is Yes! If you ask Robert Bigelow and Richard Branson -- they say we will and in the not to distant future. We will talk SpaceShip One, Virgin Galactic, Global Flyer, 5 Billion Star hotels and Weather -- is it true that if you don't like the weather in New England just wait 5 minutes -- What technology do they use to predict our weather and how does that help you and me.

               2005/05/28 - We have many people who we have elected to represent us -- but do they??? Do they really understand the impact of they laws and rules that they effect? How do these laws this affect the development or implementation or progress of Technology.

               2005/06/04 - It is almost Summer -- What to do with the kids? Today Craig will discuss activities that will keep your kids interested and involved in Science, Technology and Engineering and the importance of exposing our kids to and keeping them interested in these fields.

               2005/06/11 - Distance Learning Opportunities -Worried your kids will get “lazy” during the summer or just want to give them a jump start -- We will discuss technology advancements in learning and online opportunities.

               Boating and Boating Technology 2005/06/18 - Boats, Boats, Boats - Need to find that perfect fishing boat to snag your favorite catch or how about a deck boat for spending the day on the big lake tubing, how about a ski/wakeboard boat or a ocean going cabin cruiser, or maybe a pontoon party boat for a lazy ride and bbq on the lake -- where has technology improved boating.

               Golf and Fishing Technology 2005/06/25 - Ok guys now were talking guy stuff -- Today we will be discussing Fishing and Golf -- how will technology improve your "fish" stories or your game -- Listen in and find out.

               Relaxation Technology 2005/07/02 - Weekend Warriors relax and listen in as we discuss the technology of spas and saunas and which ones live up to their promises of relaxing those sore muscles from "honey dos" and yardwork/gardening.

               Road Trip and Technology 2005/07/09 - Road Trip - Its time to pack the kids in the car and set off to see the country -- what are the best bets for making the trip enjoyable for everyone involved.

               Backyard Technology 2005/07/16 - Backyard Technology that includes BBQ's, pools, Home Made Ice Cream and Trampolines -- Tech Toys and Tools to help you enjoy your back yard.

               Home Automation Technology 2005/07/23 - Today we are talking Home Automation. How you can Build your own "Smart Home" with today's technology inexpensively and without any special training.

               Technology to Enjoy the Outdoors 2005/07/30 - Today we will be discussing ways to enjoy the Outdoors with Motorcycles and ATV Technology. What has technology added to your favorite toys and we will cover the Tech News of the Week as Craig reviews and discusses the highlights.

               Craig Discusses Listeners Subjects and Comments - 2005/08/06 - This week Craig and Moe will discuss topics and concerns that have been submitted by our listeners.

               Back to School Technology 2005/8/20 - Today we will be discussing back to school and the technology that is needed and how it has changed since we took a ride on the big yellow bus. Texas Instruments has given us some calculators to give away == so enter and win these a must have for high school or college students.

               Racing Technology that improves our cars - 2005/8/27 - Today we will be talking with Industry Leaders about Racing and the Technology developed in that sport that has led to those technologies being implemented in the cars we drive today. What are they now doing that we may see in the mass automotive market in say five years... listen in and find out.

               Connecting to the Internet - 2005/08/13 - This week Craig and Moe discuss Connectivity - That is all the ways you can connect to the internet and what is the best way for you! Also, review of the news of the week including how Microsoft has improved your life this week -- only kidding :)

               Automotive Technology - 2005/9/03 - This week we will talk more about Technologies that are improving the cars we drive and other Technology in the News.

               Search&Rescue and Military Technology - 2005/9/10 - Today we will cover Technology that is helping assist rescuers in New Orleans as well as Technology that was initially developed in the military that is now finding applications in general society and how we are using it.

               Technology of Home and Travel Security - 2005/9/17 - Technology for Home and Travel Security -- What do you need to know to protect yourself, your family at home and when you travel.

               Autumn Technology - 2005/9/24 - It's autumn - How can technology help you to closeout the season for your Lawn and Garden and prepare them for Spring. Maintenance on your Lawn, Gardens, trees and yard machines.

               Technology of Weather - 2005/10/1 - Technology of Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornados -- what does the Jet Stream tell us and how does technology help.

               Technology and Money Management - 2005/10/8 - Money...Money...Money...Asset Management, Trusts and the IRS and Technology that can help.

               New Cars and the Technology available in 2006 - 2005/10/15 - New Car Technology -- the 2006 Models are out -- What has technology brought us this year

               Technology of the Stars and Astronomy - 2005/10/22 - Today we will talk about Astronomy, Astrology and the Stars -- What technology has taught us about our universe.

               Scary Stuff - 2005/10/29 - It's Halloween - Scary Stuff and Extra Terrestrials, Paranormals, Ghostbusters -- Do they exist -- Can Technology detect them??? Listen in to find out.

               Technology of Wall Street - 2005/11/05 - Technology of Wall Street and the Stock Market - how does it work, The best technology Investments, how technology is helping you Manage Stocks, ID Theft and how to protect yourself and your money.

               Home Theater - The Technology of Video and Sound - 2005/11/12 - The Technology of putting together a Home Theater -- Sound and Video married together in a perfect mix. Now is the perfect time to get your theater together just in time for the College and Pro Bowl games that are on the horizon.

               Voice Over IP Technology - 2005/11/19 - Voice Over IP is here to stay -- Learn your options and why it is a great choice for those who like to talk continent wide for $29.95 per month.

               Kids Gifts for Christmas - 2005/11/26 - How to buy your kids gifts that will give them a leg up technically and stimulate their minds.

               Live from Best Buy Nashua - 2005/12/03 - Live from Best Buy Nashua, NH

               Tech Gifts for the Women in your life - 2005/12/10 - What do you get the Women in your life to make her life simpler and easier -- Tech of course!

               Manley Gifts that always include Tech - 2005/12/17 - Men love Tech and here is a list of this years best for the special man in your life

               Year End Tech Wrap Up - 2005/12/24 - Wrapping up the year in tech with industry experts -- what have we seen and what is on the horizon.

          2004 Shows

               2004/12/04 - With the holiday season coming up, we had guests talking about tech gifts.

               2004/12/11 - With the holidays fast approaching - technology gifts are all the rage -- Our guests explain why

               2004/12/18 - It's the week before Christmas -- Our guests let you in on the best, last minute technology gifts!

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