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Show Synopsis

This show will focus on the technology of energy and the real world solutions that well advance the production of energy now and into the future.

This Weeks Guests!

Segment 2
Guest: Herman Chan
Title: Director of Power and Management Solutions
Company: Raritain, Inc
Website: http://www.raritan.com/

Segment 3
Guest: John Joyce
Title: President and CEO
Company: Ambient Corp.
Website: http://www.ambientcorp.com/

Segment 4
Guest: Byron Elton
Title: CEO
Company: Carbon Sciences, Inc.
Website: http://www.carbonsciences.com/

Segment 5
Guest: Dr. Paul Ronney
Title: Professor
Company: USC
Website: http://ronney.usc.edu/

Segment 6
Guest: Stuart Lombard
Title: President and CEO
Company: Ecobee
Website: http://www.ecobee.com/product/smartthermostatfeatures

Segment 7
Guest: Robert Froese
Title: Assistant Professor
Company: School of Forest Resources
and Environmental Science at Michigan Technological University
Website: http://www.mtu.edu

Segment 8
Guest: Mark Johnson
Title: Chairman and Co-Founder
Company: Innosight
Website: http://www.innosight.com/

Segment 9
Guest: Patrick Takahashi
Title: Director Emeritus
Company: Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Website: http://planetearthandhumanity.blogspot.com/

Segment 10 Guest: Kateri Callahan
Title: President
Company: Alliance to Save Energy
Website: http://www.ase.org

Segment 11
Guest: Richard Armstrong and Tim Tompkins
Title: Co-Founder and President and CTO
Company: Renewed World Energies
Website: http://www.rwenergies.com/