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Tech Talk is #1 in the Boston Market -- Again!

Craig Peterson, host of Tech Talk, is among the US' top 200 Computer and Internet Consultants with over 30 years of design, implementation and security experience. His talk radio show beats all other shows in the Boston radio market every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm Eastern time.

Hi, I am Karen and the Producer of Tech Talk. Do you want to be on the show or do you have a client that would be perfect for the show? Are you a listener who wants to hear something specific on the show? Then all you have to do is call 857-488-3917.

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A breakthrough in Talk Radio!
Interactive Tech Radio!
Tech Talk
with Craig Peterson

4 PM - 7 PM
AM 610 WGIR & FM 96.7 WQSO

Tech Talk with Craig Peterson helps everyone discover just how easy and fun technology can be. Craig's entertaining, and sometimes provocative, interactive tech radio format mixes top industry professionals, technology reviews and his solid experience in the field to open up new channels of information that have never before been available.

Whether on the road, at home, work, or playing games, Tech Talk with Craig Peterson focuses on technology issues that face everyone as they interact with technology in daily life.

Craig Peterson, host of Tech Talk, is a top Internet Consultant with over 30 years of Computer experience and 24 years of Internet design, implementation and security experience. He has authored dozens of articles concerning technology and business security, is a published author and a professional speaker. He has consulted for more than 5,000 business clients including Verizon, Vivendi International, Inc. Magazine, and Hitachi Corporation.

If you want to get Tech right but just donít know where to begin ó- then tune in. Every show begins with a review and comment on the news of the week where Craig discusses the top news stories bringing technology to your news. The second hour he talks about technology and the family. The third hour he discusses business technology.

TUNE IN Every Sunday for technology that rocks!!

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