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   August 8, 2009
August 1, 2009
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Show Synopsis

The topic for today's show is boating and boating technology or how to have fun on the water this summer!

This Weeks Guests!

Segment 2
Guest: Karl Sandstrom
Title: Product Manager/Engineer
Company: BRP Evinrude
Website: http://www.repowerwithevinrude.com

Segment 3
Guest: Jim Maier
Title: Owner
Company: BOE Marine
Website: http://www.boemarine.com

Segment 4
Guest:Mary-Beth Johnson
Title: Chef
Company: The Mega Yacht Chef
Website: http://themegayachtchef.com/

Segment 5
Guest: Peter Van Lancker
Title: President
Company: Hunt Yachts
Website: http://www.huntyachts.com

Segment 6
Guest: Karl Sandstrom (Second Part of Interview)
Title: Product Manager/Engineer
Company: BRP Evinrude
Website: Website: http://www.repowerwithevinrude.com

Segment 7
Guest: Larry Russo
Title: Spokesperson
Comapny: Discover Boating
Website: Website: http://DiscoverBoating.com

Segment 8
Guest: Hart Kelly
Company: US Sailing
Website: http://www2.ussailing.org/home.htm

Segment 9
Guest:Mark Corke
Title: Author/Blogger
Company: On Board With Mark Corke
Website: http://onboardwithmarkcorke.com

Segment 10 (Second Part of Interview)
Guest: Larry Russo
Title: President
Company: Russo Marine

Segment 11
Guest:Piers Cunningham
Title: Director of Maritime
Company: Inmarsat
Website: http://www.inmarsat.com