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Show Synopsis

Today we are discussing products and technology that have been used in Extreme Makeover Home Edition homes and others that you can use to get your dream home.

This Weeks Guests

1:23-1:29 - Michael Kanko from Wasauna Baths talks about how you can get Innovative bathroom fixtures that can turn your bathroom into a personal spa.

1:34-1:46 - David Brownell from Climate Energy will discuss Freewatt- a Micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power) System that allows you to generate your own power and heat from your furnace. You can even sell your excess power back to the power company.

1:48-1:58 - Todd Imholte the President of Murals your Way talks about the new revolution in Wall Paper and how their product was used by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to create a special bedroom in the Voisine Home.

2:06-2:22 - Jon Lariviere from R.J. Moreau Communities, LLC the builder of the Voisine Home with Extreme Makeover Home Edition talks about the technologies used in the home and why.

2:23-2:29 - Scott Smalling the President of Simmons' Specialty Sleep Division Comforpedic talks about the technology of Memory Foam and why it does make the best sleep surface. They have donated 250 beds to Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

2:34-2:46 - Robert Dunay and Joseph Wheeler from Virginia Tech Industrial Design Program talk about an Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Virginia as well as a Solar House.