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It CES in Las Vegas!

Craig interviews some of the Award Winners who presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The technology presented at this years show will be in your big box store this year and boy is there alot of new technology to talk about.

This Weeks Guests

12:34-12:36 - Craig interviews Mike Malcolm the CEO of Kaleidescape. They have developed the ultimate entertainment server that stores, protects, and plays an unlimited amount of CD and DVD content throughout the home in its original format - so users can enjoy uncompressed, lossless content - the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. They are CES Innovations Award winner for 2008.

12:48-12:58 - Craig interviews Derek Moore from SPOT the World's First Satellite Messenger. Every year The National Association of Search and Rescue estimates that there are over 50,000 search and rescue missions launched each year in the United States. Most of these are initiated without knowledge of the victimsí location. SPOT utilizes 100% satellite technology, so SPOT works around the world, even where cell phones donít. SPOT coverage including virtually all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, portions of South America, Northern Africa and North-eastern Asia, and hundreds or thousands of miles offshore of these areas. SPOT was a 2008 CES Innovations Award winner.

1:06-1:22 - Craig interviews Aaron Patzer the CEO of Mint.com. Mint, the first free, automatic and secure way to manage and save money online.

12:23-12:29 - Craig interviews Raju Vegesna of AdventNet whose Zoho productline, was PC World Most Innovative Product Award Winner at CES 2008. Zoho has taken created a product similar to Microsoft's OneNote note-taking program, put it on the Web, added lots of cool collaborative tools, and made it free for you The Zoho Notebook. Like OneNote, Zoho Notebook lets you organize information into multiple-page on-screen binders. The information can include text, graphics, audio, video, and embedded content from other sites and organize information into multiple-page on-screen binders. It is the future of computing!

1:34-1:46 - Craig interviews Jakob Berg the CEO of PopCatcher. They have developed the first simple, plug and play solution to the discovery of music and artists on the radio stations that play them. Its patented technology analyzes radio transmissions to distinguish between speech, music and commercials and is bundled in numerous existing formats like home stereos, clock radios, and mobile phones. PopCatcher enables consumers to automatically download radio station programs, leaving only a fresh, exciting digital play list every time.

12:48-12:58 - Craig interviews Bill Strand from Magellen. Magellen was named an International CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in two categories. The Magellan Maestro 4250 is being honored in the In-Vehicle Navigation/Telematics/ITS product category, and the Magellan Triton 2000 is being honored in the Personal Electronics product category. You need to check out these great GPS offerings from Magellen before you buy your next GPS!

2:06-2:22 - Craig interviews Keith Nowak from Nokia. Nokia is back, after once owning the cell phone market they have re-tooled and come back with a vengence. They have won multiple awards at CES for their new technology innovations. Check out their N95 and the N810. You will see what I mean -- they are BACK!

2:23-2:29 - Craig interviews Paul Tzeng the CEO of OWLink who have developed a technological innovation that will allow you to have all your necessary Home Theater equipment without all the cabling nest that goes with it. OWLink has a transparent fiber optic cable that enables home users to place their video and audio equipment in the most convenient location in the home without opening walls, ceilings or floors to run cable, can cover up to 1000 feet. This is something you can do for your wife for Valentines day -- believe me she will love you for it!

2:34-2:44 - Craig interviews Shlomo Touboul the CEO of Yoggie Security Systems. They have developed the first hardware-based security solution for computer users on the go. If you are a road warrior then this is something that you should invest in.