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What's up with your cell phone -- No longer is it simply a phone but a complete lifestyle. Now our cell phones have organizers, mp3 players, games, cameras, videos recording, video displays, text messaging and GPS. How we use them and what content is coming for these devices. Craig interviews the movers and shakers in the industry after commenting on the Tech News of the week.

This Weeks Guests!

12:34-12:46 - Jeff Halloran from Phantom Fiber joins Craig to discuss how they have become the leading developer of wireless platform software that enables their customers to deliver high-performance applications across global communications networks to mobile users.

12:48-12:58 - Geoff Allen the Chairman and Founder of Anystream will join Craig to discuss how the world's leading media, education, and broadcast institutions turn to Anystream to publish rich media on the web, on-demand, and on mobile devices that broadens their reach and maximizes the value of their content.

1:06-1:22 - Stan Kornaga from Soundview Executive Book Summaries joins Craig to disscuss their Book Chip. Soundview has worked closely with the leading business book publishers of the world to offer print summaries of the thirty best business books of the year to its more than 50,000 worldwide subscribers. In September 2000, Soundview introduced the electronic version of its book summaries. In partnership with Audiofy you can now listen or read business book summaries on your computer, PDA, cell phone or MP3 player.

1:34-1:46 - Derrick Oien the Founder of Intercasting joins Craig to discuss their RABBLE product. What is Rabble? Rabble enables a new kind of self-expression that informs, entertains and connects people through the media they create. Think of your mobile phone as an on-location broadcasting tool. So what will you create with it? When something big happens, we always see "amateur video" of it first. Rabble gives you an easy way to do it and a place to put it where others can get it.

1:48-1:58 - Tony Phillip the Founder and CEO of UpSnap joins Craig to discuss how they have become the leader in mobile search and live entertainment. UpSNAP offers searchable live audio or music, sports, information and entertainment from partners including NASCAR In-Car Audio, ESPN Radio, RADIO DISNEY, FOX NEWS and more - all delivered to your mobile device!

2:06-2:22 - Todd Burger the President and CEO of Chameleon Network joins Craig to discuss their upcoming product called the Pocket Vault. The Pocket Vault System replaces a consumer’s conventional wallet and stores an entire wallet’s contents in digital form (credit, ATM, identification, physical and network access, membership discount cards (gym, supermarket, restaurant, office supply store), in a stand-alone device or integrated into PDAs and mobile phones. The Pocket Vault programs a single, “morphing” Chameleon Card to emulate the characteristics of any magnetic stripe, barcode or smart card that the user selects. The Pocket Vault and Chameleon Card are useable everywhere (brick & mortar and online), and are completely compatible with all existing point-of-sale terminals.

The Pocket Vault has an integrated fingerprint reader to protect the owner’s personal data and the Chameleon Card is blank until programmed and self-erases after 15 minutes – reducing the issues of card or device theft.

2:34-2:48 - Giorgio Costonis of RMD Entertainment joins Craig to discuss why they say that RMD Entertainment is "Where Hip Hop meets Wall Street". They offer One Stop Worldwide Digital Distribution and Ring Tone placement, Itemized accounting statements detailing activity and royalty payments, One Stop Power Company that proudly represents many song catalogs in all global markets by providing One Solution for Global Distribution thru RMD's 50+ world distributors.