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Show Synopsis

Here is the last of the best of CES 2006 and what technology you can look forward to in the coming year.

This weeks Guests

12:34 - Lee Loree from Sleeptracker will join Craig to discuss the technology of sleep and how you can get a better nights sleep by using technology. They sent me one of these to try and it is amazing how well it works. This technology that is easy to use.

12:48 - Judith Katz from Count Me In will join Craig to discuss their time and attendance solution that is a clean and efficient way to track employee's timecards and is also being used by gyms, clubs and other organizations who have to monitor attendance.

1:06 - Tim Surgenor from Cyberkinetics will join Craig to discuss their development of brain-computer interfaces and their success in commercializing products for neuroscience research. They focus on individuals who have severe motor disabilities by specifically applying technology to the development of safe and effective systems that can provide the ability of disabled people to control their environment and the potential to one day regain limb movement.

1:23 - Frank Valequez from Davis Instruments the maker of the CarChip will join Craig to discuss their car monitor that can save you money and save your childs life. This device can be plugged into your car's computer interface and can tell you how your car has been driven. How fast has your child been driving, how fast have they been braking, How fast are they accelerating -- this information can help you monitor your child's driving patterns and warn you ahead of time of their activities before an accident happens. Has that Check Engine light come on -- want to know why?? This simple machine will tell you exactly why it came on and what needs to be fixed. Priceless Technology at an affordable price.

1:34 - Scott Moody from AuthenTec will join Craig to discuss how they can add security, convenience, navigation and personalization features to any PC, notebook or peripheral and even make cell phones more secure, and how at the simple touch of your finger they can control access to reduce theft and fraud in homes, offices, and even government facilities.

1:48 -Dan Sapier from Attunity will join Craig to discuss their enterprise data integration software. Companies that use their software can seamlessly connect to data sources, stream data changes across the enterprise, and federate heterogeneous information to achieve a single view of their business.

2:06 - Ed Williams from Firefly Energy will join Craig to discuss how they are bringing an "evolutionary" technology to the worldwide battery market. Their revolutionary designs break through the current barriers in battery performance with new levels of power, capacity, and life at lower cost and lighter weight.

2:34 - Avi Timor from Elam USA will join Craig to discuss their product LyTec - The Original Electroluminescent (EL) Wire. Their Amazing Wire is flexible and emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference. This wire is being used in numerous applications from clothing to household floor edging and more applications are coming daily.