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Show Synopsis

Today Craig will talk with Award Winning Technology companies. These companies have won awards for innovative technologies that will influence each of our lives.

This weeks Guests

12:34 - 12:46 - Craig will talk with Kurt Olsen the director of product marketing of ClearOne Communications. They will discuss their product line that includes top of the line video and web conferencing that is affordable for any small business or home. BTW: Craig only uses Clear One Conference phones for his business.

12:48-12:58:50 - Craig will talk with Rich Bently the market segment manager at Altiris Software. Altiris software has developed a software virtualization solution for Windows machines. Mac Users -- You don't need one :) This product is being offered free of charge for home users and creates individual segments for each program which prevents programs from conflicting with one another. Excellent product and great Technology -- Try it!!***REQUIRES REGISTRATION***

1:06-1:22 - Craig will talk with Mike Einstein the spokesperson for the Z-Wave alliance which won "The Best Emerging Technology" award at the International Consumer Electronics Show. This technology is what it means to have "HOME AUTOMATION" and it is affordable. You can start replacing single sockets or single light switches and gradually change it or you can do the whole house. If you are building make sure that they use this technology throughout your home.

1:34-1:46 - Craig will talk with Kevin Sladek the co-founder of VideoEgg. VideoEgg is a solution that won the DEMO-God Award for best emerging software. This is a Video Publishing solution that is easy to use and well worth a look if you plan on doing any video publishing.

1:48-1:58:50 - Craig will talk with Mike Hobbs the CEO of Engineered Glass Products. They will be talking specifically about their Thermique heated glass technology which has unlimited commercial and home application. This allows an ordinary pane of glass to a source of radiant heat -- the heat is uniformly distributed across the entire surface -- NO WIRES or other obstructions. It is finding use currently in up-scale homes and dayspas but has numerous commercial applications.

2:06-2:22 - Craig will talk with Peter Cervieri the director of Business Development at ScribeStudio. ScribeStudio provides the technology to move training and education online. It is much more than a simple "web-inar" but a true e-learning environment. Some companies are training their franchisees remotely without costly digital infrastructure expenditures. If you have a company or are a teacher you have to check this out.

2:34-2:46 - Craig will talk with Brit Vickner and Brian Oravetz from Vonexus. Vonexus has a VOIP PBX that can be used in a business or a home. This technology now allows to have your own afforable IP Telephone Exchange (You ARE the phone company) in your office or home and even when you are traveling.