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Gift Ideas for the Woman in your Life

Braun Tassimo 1-Cup Hot Beverage Maker - Silver/Black

Brews 1 cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, even cappuccino and latte with real milk; adjustable cup pedestal lets you brew into different cup sizes, from a demitasse to a travel mug

  • T-DISC system with barcode technology adjusts to the proper brewing time, temperature and amount of water for every drink, so you get the perfect cup every time (discs not included); customize water amount and brewing time to fit your personal taste
  • 1-touch simplicity brews a cup in under 1 minute with no measuring and no fuss; water reservoir with replaceable filter ensures the best-tasting beverage every time
  • Brew beverages with real milk simply and easily — just brew the first disc of espresso, coffee or tea, then brew the milk disc and enjoy (discs not included)
  • Unique inverse filtration system pumps water upwards instead of downwards for efficient extraction
  • T-DISC brands include Gevalia and Maxwell house coffees, Suchard hot chocolates and Twinings teas (discs not included)
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning up a breeze

Irobot Roomba Vacuum with Scheduling Remote

Complete kit includes Roomba vacuum, scheduling remote, 2 virtual wall schedulers, self-charging home base, fast charger, APS battery, cleaning tool and extra brushes and filters
  • Active dirt response system detects dirtier areas and automatically increases the intensity of Roomba's cleaning
  • Air filter prevents dust and dirt from entering Roomba's vacuum system or your air; bagless bin holds more dirt
  • Cleaning intelligence calculates how long it needs to work to clean your entire room; edge cleaning brush grabs dirt and debris from walls and other hard to reach areas; counter rotating brushes reach into your carpet to remove dirt
  • Automatic surface transitioning adjusts the cleaning head automatically for both carpet and hard floor surfaces; spot mode intensely cleans one area of a room up to 3 ft. in diameter
  • Automatic stair avoidance system lets you leave your Roomba by itself without worrying about it falling down your stairs; Roomba detects when it's stuck and initiates a careful escape routine
  • Scheduling remote allows you to program your Roomba at a preset time, even when you're not at home; directs your Roomba to clean specific areas
  • 2 virtual wall schedulers turn on automatically when you schedule your Roomba to clean
  • Microprocessor controlled charging system charges Roomba's batteries in 3 hours and provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power; returns to its own charging base when it's done cleaning

Dyson HEPA Animal Vacuum – Purple

Animal turbo tool for cleaning up hard-to-reach pet hair in tight spaces
  • Carpet care kit absorbs dirt, freshens carpets and removes spots and spills
  • Dyson-designed floor tool makes cleaning under low furniture a snap
  • RootCyclone technology gives higher suction power to pick up more dust
  • Bagless dust bin is hygienic and easy to empty with just the pull of a trigger
  • Brush control system protects rug fringes and the drive belt
  • HEPA filter retains high levels of microscopic dust particles
  • Adjusts automatically to different carpet heights with no awkward dials
  • Edge cleaning whiskers are angled out to reach down between the baseboard and the floor
  • A clear bin makes it easy to tell when the vacuum is full

Bose SoundDock™ Digital Music System for Apple® iPod™

Infrared remote controls the speaker system and basic functions of your iPod
  • Active electronic equalization balances the output of all frequencies, providing balanced tones and clarity
  • Patented integrated signal processing offers rich, lifelike performance at almost any volume
  • Digital signal processing circuitry enhances audio accuracy
  • Compression circuitry allows for clear, undistorted sound, even at high volumes
  • Shielded speaker prevents TV and computer interference, allowing you to place the speaker system wherever you wish
  • Includes remote control, power cord, power pack and 5 dock inserts
  • Apple, the Apple logo and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple® iPod™ MP3 Player with 60GB* Hard Drive – White

Touch-sensitive Click Wheel for easy navigation through the customizable menu
  • 2.5" QVGA (320 x 240) full-color LCD screen with white LED backlight; Album Art display shows photos while music is playing
  • Displays photos and videos on a TV or projector using the optional iPod universal dock or A/V cable (dock and cable not included); control music, slideshows and videos from across the room with optional dock kit and remote (not included)
  • Features settings to customize your slideshow, including music from Now Playing, iPhoto (Mac) or iTunes playlists; time-per-slide interval (2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 seconds); repeat, shuffle, transitions (on/off); TV-out (on/off/ask); TV signal (NTSC or PAL)
  • Supports podcasts — radio shows, audio programs or video programs you subscribe to; browse and subscribe to free podcasts via iTunes, then sync them to your iPod and listen to or watch them on your schedule; also supports audiobooks
  • Download your favorite music videos and ad-free ABC and Disney TV programs from iTunes and take them anywhere (not included; additional fee required; supports MPEG-4 file formats (.m4v,.mp4 and .mov)
  • Auto syncs your music, video, podcast and photo collections, even album cover art; import photo albums intact from iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop Album and Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Customizable main menu provides access to on-the-go playlists, adjustable audiobook speed, clicker playback through headphones (on/off), song ratings, shuffle (songs/albums), repeat (one/all) and sound check (on/off)
  • Organization functions include an appointment book/calendar, contact/address book, text note support and world clock with alarm and sleep timer; built-in games for full-color fun; voice recorder lets you record your own voice memos
  • Charge and sync your iPod using the optional iPod universal dock (not included); connects to your PC or Mac computer via included USB 2.0 adapter cable
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous music playback, up to 4 hours of photo slideshows with music and up to 3 hours of video playback
  • Includes iTunes software for Mac and Windows
  • Upgradable firmware enables support for future audio formats; PC and Mac compatible

TREO 650

The Treo™ 650 smartphone from palmOne makes it easier than ever to stay connected. It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email,3 an organizer, messaging, and web access.3 There’s also Bluetooth® technology so you can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. Not to mention an MP3 player,2 a digital camera that captures video, and a vibrant color screen that brings everything to life – all in a device that’s still small enough to fit in your pocket. Seems like Treo smartphones just keep getting smarter.

BlackBerry 8700 Series

The BlackBerry 8700c Wireless Handheld™ and BlackBerry 8700r Wireless Handheld™ provide the ultimate balance of performance, design and function. These handhelds represent a major leap forward in wireless innovation, elegantly integrating advanced hardware, software and network technologies in a thin, stylish, lightweight handheld. The BlackBerry 8700c™ and BlackBerry 8700r™ offer proven BlackBerry® functionality such as push email, phone, browser and organizer. Plus, you’ll be wowed by the sleek design, fast performance, light sensing screen and more.

Oakley RAZRWIRE™ Pewter / Black Iridium /Black

RAZRWIRE™ is the first eyewear to combine patented Oakley optics with Motorola wireless Bluetooth® technology.

A wearable link to your cellular phone*, RAZRWIRE™ offers the freedom of mobile hands-free communication. The integrated design frees you from cumbersome wires, allowing you to quickly answer and place calls with the touch of a button.RAZRWIRE™ lets you take advantage of patented optical technology while enjoying the complete freedom to communicate without being tethered to a cellular phone. You get the comfort, protection and clarity of Oakley eyewear combined with third-generation Motorola Bluetooth technology.With RAZRWIRE™, a hands-free link to your cellular phone is always at the ready, and there's no need to remove it between calls like a clumsy headset. The technology you need is part of something you're already wearing.

RAZRWIRE™ is science wrapped in art that turns wireless mobility into fashion.RAZRWIRE™ is armed with Motorola's third generation Bluetooth® technology and supports Bluetooth ® RF protocol 1.1 and 1.2 ensuring compatibility with most Bluetooth ® -enabled cellular phones and other Bluetooth ® devices*. Esthetically, the Bluetooth® module is designed to complement the overall look of the sunglasses, creating truly wearable technology. Bluetooth module only fits the Oakley Razrwire frame.

Bionic Dress/Driving Gloves

Bionic Gloves also incorporate the anatomy of the palm, fingers and thumb. These areas of the hand have bony prominences — high points of the bone next to the skin. The friction of a tool, baseball bat or golf club against the bony prominences cause blisters, calluses and hand fatigue. Bionic Gloves feature strategically placed pads to reduce the pressure and friction caused by gripping a tool or a golf club. Both comfort and grip strength are vastly improved.

The difference Bionic Glove technology makes is both impressive and practical. The exact anatomic location of the 3 layers of padding has been shown in independent studies to improve grip strength, torque strength and pinch strength.

The Bionic Glove is unlike any glove on the market because it incorporates the science of anatomy and ergonomics For example; the anatomy of your fingers is pre-rotated, meaning the pinky and forefinger rotates inward toward the center of your hand. Unlike conventional gloves, Bionic Gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural motion of your fingers. The result is a custom fit that maximizes comfort, dexterity and performance.

With multiple patented and patent-pending technologies, Bionic Gloves are forging new ground in glove design. These technologies incorporate innovative features that cannot be found on conventional gloves. The result is a customized fit with enhanced performance. Once you put them on, you will feel the impressive difference. So, if it doesn’t say Bionic, your hands will be missing out on technology like no other.

Most driving and dress gloves are made strictly for fashion or warmth. Not much else. The innovative science behind the Bionic Driving/Dress Glove offers much more than the typical glove — it combines fashionable appeal with comfortable function.

Most gloves are cut with straight fingers. Unfortunately, all fingers do not bend that way. The pinky and forefinger actually rotate inward. The Bionic Driving/Dress Glove uses a pre-rotated finger design, inspired by the hand’s anatomy, to promote natural closure.

Whether you’re gripping the wheel or carrying a shopping bag, the Bionic glove feels remarkably comfortable. And with extra padding where the hand needs it most, hand fatigue is virtually non-existent. Now, you can stay fashionable and warm — without sacrificing comfort and dexterity!

IMac G5

What if you could command an entire world of music, photos, movies and DVDs — all from your sofa? Now you can share the good life with friends and family on a 17- or 20-inch new iMac G5 featuring Front Row software and Apple Remote. Slimmer than ever, the gravity-defying enclosure also houses built-in iSight, SuperDrive, wireless and the easy-to-use software that brings it all together. Modern living starts at only $1299. (Mighty Mouse not sold separately.)

You’ve got the best seat in the house. The full-screen Front Row media experience — with its intuitive menus, large text and brilliant graphics — lets you browse the music, photos and videos on your iMac as easily as you browse music on your iPod. And the new Apple Remote lets you do your browsing from anywhere in the room. So gather your friends and dazzle them with a slideshow of your vacation pics, a home movie or a DVD. iMac G5 was born to entertain.

With iTunes, you’re never more than a click away from the world’s most popular source of music, audiobooks and podcasts. Now the digital revolution strikes again — you can also purchase your favorite music videos and selected TV shows. Download those episodes of Lost or Desperate Housewives that you missed. Or sync your videos with the new iPod and watch them anywhere.

There’s an iSight camera built into every new iMac, so you can start a video chat (or join one) at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing to buy, nothing to attach, no cords to fumble with, no software to install or configure. Simply start up iChat AV, click your buddy’s video icon and you’re ready to chat with sight and sound — with up to three friends at once. Proper attire suggested.

The new Photo Booth application (included) turns your iMac into a modern-day arcade photo booth (minus the coin slot). Just pick a special effect like sepia tint, x-ray, bulge or squeeze. And smile. Presto — instant high-quality photo. Once you have the perfect pic, take advantage of Photo Booth’s connections to share it via Mail, save it in iPhoto or use it as your Address Book or iChat buddy picture.

Behind its breathtaking 17- or 20-inch widescreen display, iMac G5 displays some monstrous power — with a 1.9GHz or 2.1GHz G5 processor, a sizzling new PCI-Express ATI Radeon X600 Pro or XT graphics processor with 128MB of dedicated video memory and a new high-bandwidth system architecture. These technologies, coupled with Mac OS X Tiger (the world’s most advanced operating system), simply make iMac G5 a joy to drive. Whether you’re exercising your creativity, surfing the web, playing compute-intensive games or just staying in touch with friends.

iMac G5 has the power — and the brains — to be the center of your digital universe. It comes with iLife ’05: a suite of easy-to-use applications that make the spectacular part of your everyday life. Enhance, organize and share your photos via iPhoto. Make an epic starring your kid in iMovie. Turn your photo and movie creations into professional DVDs with iDVD. Create original music in GarageBand, even if you can’t carry a tune.

Like any modern computer should, iMac G5 comes ready with software preinstalled to use your digital devices right away. Just plug them in. With a plentiful passel of ports — USB 2.0, FireWire 400, composite and S-video outputs, audio in and out — you can connect just about any device, from cameras and camcorders to hard drives, stereos and the Mighty Mouse included with every iMac G5. With the forward-thinking Scroll Wheel, you can move around your digital life with 360° of freedom. And with built-in Gigabit Ethernet, you’re all set for wired networking.

Better yet, eliminate the desktop clutter. iMac G5 comes with a pre-installed AirPort Extreme Card, so you can hop onto the Internet wirelessly up to 150 feet from an AirPort Extreme Base Station. Or you can add an AirPort Express with AirTunes to stream music to your stereo and send documents to your printer. iMac G5 also includes an internal Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for the latest wireless devices, like the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. You can even sync your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone so your numbers are always up to date. Impress your friends, confound your enemies — wireless only looks like magic.

Sony 400 Disc DVD Player

Stores 400 DVDs or CDs for almost instant access to any title in your library Remote control included

This is the perfect solution to control your DVD collection. Every mom knows about finding the DVD they are looking for in the wrong case or on top of the speaker or bookshelf.

In this device you can store your entire DVD collection as well as all of your CDs on a single device. You'll have instant access to every title in your entertainment library. The Sony 400-Disc DVD Player will play a variety of formats: In addition to DVD and CD, it offers MP3 CD and Super Audio CD playback as well as JPEG CD-R/RW playback, so you'll be able to view photos on your big-screen TV!